Monday, October 15, 2012

St. Gerard Majella

Tomorrow, October 16, is the feast day of St. Gerard Majella. He is the patron saint of Expectant Mothers and those who have been praying for a child. 

I suffered a miscarriage in July last year and around October, we learned from our doctor that I was not ovulating. It was then during this time, through a friend, that we learned about St. Gerard. On his feast day last year, we started praying the Novena to St. Gerard. The doctor gave me numerous medications with specific instructions that I could hardly keep up sometimes. It went on for months and nothing happened. Our doctor suggested to take a 'break' from the medications by end of January this year. I welcomed her suggestion, not only because of the expenses, but I was honestly getting tired from hoping and getting disappointed and frustrated all over. My husband and I thought, maybe, we need this 'break'-- to simply just enjoy each other's company.

By end of February, I got pregnant.

Since then, we've continued praying to St. Gerard until now. But this time, we're praying for a healthy baby and a safe delivery. And on his feast day tomorrow, I thought it would be nice to share his novena:

St. Gerard, whose heart went out to the unfortunate,
who relieved so many poor,
healed so many sick,
comforted so many afflicted,
I am worried and troubled as I kneel at your feet.

In vain do I seek this world's help and consolation.
Graciously pray for me, St. Gerard,
that being freed from this trial (mention your petition),
or strengthen to bear it for the love of God,
I may praise and thank God
and serve him with greater love and fervor. 

St. Gerard, our friend and helper,
come to our aid and beg the Lord's blessing
on our most urgent need.
St. Gerard, pray for us.


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