Monday, April 22, 2013

Apt101: Candle Decors

Moving out from my parent's place was sad and exciting for me. Sad because I will be stepping out from my comfort zone for almost 30 years! It's quite hard to let go of the things you have been used to all your life. Of course, I would definitely miss my parents and brother. I will miss my room, my bed and my closet. But I was excited as well because I would be living independently with my little (pun not intended) family of three. Yes, independently actually means I will be in-charge of the entire household, do the groceries, handle the budget, the bills and the headache that goes with it (haha), and most of all, I will be... {drumroll} cooking our meals! I am still alive, by the way, and so does my husband. That means, my cooking is not that bad.

What gets me really excited about this moving out thing is the fact that I get to decorate and arrange (and re-arrange) our new home. Since we are just renting, as we are still saving for our permanent house, my hands are tied with it comes to home decorating. No permanent fixtures. Stick to movable or transferable stuffs. Or if it has to be semi-permanent, go with stuffs I can let go of once we have our permanent place.

My first decorating task was the center table in our sala. The decorating by the way comes last in my list of priorities, the top being the appliances we needed and the needs of our baby as well. I am thus, constrained to using what I already have. Thank God for the Ikea candles that my best friend gave me.

Pic 1; Pic 2
Candles are inexpensive home decors. They come in all sorts of sizes and colors. But of course, extra care must be observed and one must not leave the candle burning for a long time. So here's some of my Ikea candles on display:

It needs some serious candle holders. I am planning to make a DIY on the candle holder, perhaps something like these:

Pic 1; Pic 2
The left is made of blank CD cases glued together. You can place dried leaves or flowers inside or even a picture. The right picture made use of wine glasses turned upside down. To add color, red and silver Christmas balls were placed inside.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mommy Diaries: Gift of Laughter

To say that I am all over my son is an understatement. Haha.

I used to get annoyed by my peers and colleagues who flood my facebook newsfeed with pictures of their babies. Of course, a portion of that is actually jealousy kicking in. God knows how much I wanted to have a child. When I had a miscarriage on my first pregnancy, things became all the more frustrating. And i became more annoyed. I swore to myself that I won't be like them.

Lo and behold, I ate my words. Big time. Haha. Most, if not all, mommies out there would agree with me-- our child is our happy pill. They can be very addicting. Now, I understand why they can't resist posting almost every single move or milestone of their kids. I try to limit my posts though. There are stuffs that I want to cherish privately. There are those however that are worth sharing. And this is one of them.

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