Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something New

Notice something new?

I made a new header/banner for my blog yesterday! Yeey!

I'm still not satisfied with it though. I want it to be more creative.
I've searched high and low on how to customize this header thingy
and get the size correctly. Lo and behold, the answer is just at the
tip of our fingers. Hehe. Seriously, I just googled it away and with
a few clicks of the mouse, I was redirected to self-help blogs on to
pimp your blog site. I am just really concerned on getting the size right.

Now for the design, my all-time favorite software comes to play--
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended

I've been toying with this software since college. What others don't know is
that, I enjoy editing photos, making collages and stuffs like that. I can't say I'm
good at it. But I can make something in the picture disappear- like unwanted spaces/things/persons,
camouflaging into the background.I can make something that's not there appear as well. Haha.
And I've been through the different versions of this software. Selecting the area (with all the
irregular shapes & lines) that I want to edit proved to be a difficult task with the older version
but is made oh-so-easy-&-convenient with CS3. Thanks to the improved Magic Wand tool.

Going back to the size, for those who wants to use a customized header, you
may follow the dimensions as appearing on the screen below: 

My skills (if you can call it that) is limited only to enhancing photos.
I cannot make anything from scratch. I suck at drawing. If only I know how to draw,
I would have taken up architecture/engineering/interior design. But since I cannot,
I'll just have to settle with the legal profession and draw up some lies instead. Haha.
Just kidding.

Adobe Photoshop may look complicated but actually, it's not. Just experiment
with the buttons and bear in mind that if something fails or turns out not quite
right, there's always the UNDO button or the HISTORY tool.

By the way, do check out this video-- 100 Years of Style. 
See how fashion has evolved in 100 years.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Image Detail

I love challenges. Not with other people, but mostly with myself.
Challenges make life more exciting. Don't you agree?

The challenge? To BLOG for 30-days.

Can I do this? With my busy (& crazy) schedule,
the answer is a faint YES.

Let's wait and see.

Oh, the challenge shall start on September 1.
(To make it easier to count the days. Lol.)

30 days hath September
April June and November
All the rest have 31
Except for February alone
Which has 28 days clear
And 29 in each leap year.

Remember that nursery rhyme?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bizarre Office Spaces

Our law office is currently under renovation. I am quite excited to see the outcome.
Ever since we relocated to the empty office space adjacent to our office, I wasn't able to
see the progress of the renovation (haha, feeling foreman/construction supervisor). So this afternoon,
I decided to take a peek. I stayed only for less than 5 mins as the fumes of the paint
made me dizzy. But that didn't shatter my excitement.

I am now searching for inspirations on how to prettify my office cubicle once the renovation is done.
However, I came across these very interesting pictures of office designs that I would like to share:

White Mountain Office
Penthouse Office
Selgas Cano Architecture Office
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Long Barn Studio

Thursday, August 18, 2011

OUTFIT: Silk & Turquoise

The top I'm wearing was another impulse & accidental buy. Impulse-- I didn't
think twice on buying it because I never had a decent silk top. Accidental-- because
I was supposedly looking for a regatta/sailor-inspired outfit but I wasn't lucky. So I
got this instead. Haha. Justifications, I know! Please forgive me, I'm just a girl.

But the real clincher that sent this top over the cashier counter was the
unbelievable price slash down considering that the top is a Banana Republic
(yep, I got it on SALE!!!!) 

To add a splash of color to my neutral office ensemble, I wore this
turquoise, violet & gold bib necklace.

Gotta sleep now. Have to take an hour bus ride early tomorrow
for a hearing in a nearby municipality. Nite-ty!

Top: TOPS || Skirt: hand-me-downs from aunt ||
Bib Necklace: Ria Alazas

Monday, August 15, 2011

Invite a Friend

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I am now at Bloglovin'

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OUTFIT: Leaping Leopard

Lately, I have been scoring on animal prints. When I saw this leopard print top on the rack, I knew I just had to buy it.

This is what I wore to the Installation of New Officers for Midtown Toastmasters Club. Our theme for this year is "Blue Jeans". To match my red belt, I took out my ever reliable boots, since it was a bit gloomy that day (and true enough, it rained hard by nighttime).

Here's my overall look:

Top: Papaya || Cardigan: bazaar
Jeans: Next || Boots: bought in Macau
Belt: Memo || Bangles: Rubi

Goodnight! :)

I'll wake up to another crazy workweek.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


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This is the second deal that I availed, courtesy of Groupon.
Check out the first one here. Although, this is the very
first deal that I bought, I somehow forgot about this. Not until we (my husband & I)
had the chance to drop by I.T. Park. When I searched for my bag, I found
the voucher and perfect timing, we just had dinner.

I love their simple blue & white theme. It's refreshing. I'm actually biased since blue is
my ultimate favorite color (Hehe).

Anyway, I've tried other yogurt brands but what I noticed in the yogurt of
Yo-Go Boy is that, it doesn't have the usual sour taste, which made me think
that theirs must probably be yogurt ice cream and not the yogurt-real-yogurt kind.

But since I have a sweet tooth, I will vote for Yo-Go Boy's yogurt over other brands.

Here are the choices for their toppings:

What I had:

Froot Loops (yes, they spell it that way)
Choco Cheerios
Hershey's choco syrup


Each yogurt costs Php 75 (with 1 free topping)
additional Php15 (+1 topping)
Php 25 (+2 toppings)
Php 35 (+3 toppings)

Where can you find YO-GO Boy:

Banilad Town Centere
Ground Floor, Banilad Town Centre, Banilad, Cebu City
Sunday to Thursday 11:00am - 11:00pm
Friday to Saturday 11:00am - 12:00mn

SM City CebuLower ground floor, SM City Cebu
Monday to Sunday 10:00am - 9:00pm

IT ParkGround Floor, i2 Building, Asia Town I.T. Park, Lahug, Cebu
Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 1:00am
Sunday 1:00pm - 11:00pm

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marscha K

A few months back, I bought a deal at Ensogo. I am still new to these various deal sites and I don't want to spend on something I might regret later on. So I started with a few food deals.

"Marscha K Restaurant, a fusion restaurant offering a unique Eurasian dining experience in a cozy atmosphere, serves a wide array of dishes inspired by a variety of international cuisines. Marscha K Restaurant’s bestsellers include pork knuckle, savory back ribs, and everyone’s favorite, the cheese fondue. For a casual chic dining experience, or a large gathering that calls for celebratory food, Marscha K Restaurant is your best bet in Mandaue City."   

Here's what we had:

Green Salad

Mushroom Soup

The soup was served with garlic bread

Asparagus Soup

Pork Pot Roast


Chocolate cake


Marscha K Restaurant
Unit 3 & 4, Oakridge Business Park
880 A.S Fortuna St., Banilad,
Mandaue City 6014

For reservations, please contact:
Phone #: (032) 239-2773 and (032) 238-8357  

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