Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY: Sequined Tank Top

I've been meaning to do more DIYs but somehow I manage to put that off for countless of times. Finally, I took the time and decided to prettify a tank top that has been with me for I-don't-know-how-long.

It's very easy actually. I bought this sequined ribbon in flower design from a local dept. store (textile section) last year. I just bought one meter because I honestly didn't have a concrete plan then of what to do with it. I cut out the flowers, and arranged them in the patter I want on the tank top.

The flowers were set apart rather distant than I expected, thus, there were unwanted spaces in between. So I filled the it up with beads in light pink color and that's it! Easy, right?

Friday, June 22, 2012

I miss blogging...

Yes, I do. I haven't posted a single blog post for months!
I've been through a lot-- both the good and the bad.
Mostly good though.
The best among all the good is this.

My first 'successful' pregnancy. Successful, yes because
last year, I had a miscarriage. Hopefully, this time around
we'll be blessed to have a normal (& safe) pregnancy.

So far, so good. Thank God!
This pic was taken last May.
I am now on my 19th week.

The adjustment period was something I was not prepared for.
My first trimester was a roller-coaster ride. 
My morning sickness happened at night. Talk about misnomer.

The second trimester is a whole lot better.
No more throwing up. No more panuhot. Haha.

We're looking forward to next month.
We'll know the gender by then.

I will take this opportunity to thank my husband
for the night massages, for buying me my happy food,
and for being the supportive husband that he is.

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