Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Office Make-over

Day 17:

I love our newly-renovated office.
The design theme chosen by my bosses revolved around
earth tones, neutrals but with a touch of bold color.

After two years, my cubicle is finally properly arranged and well-decorated.

Something is still missing though, that a dear [and talented] friend has promised long long time ago.
(Pressure2x. May your inspiration arouse you to pick up the paintbrush again. Hehe. Peace Atty. Abad)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OUTFIT: Sheer Black

Day 16:

(Crazy workweek + Lazy me = Super delayed posts)

Last week, I barely had time to breathe.

Meetings. Office blessing. MALA Sessions.
TM duties. Wife Duties.
Need I elaborate?

We just had our newly-renovated office blessed last Saturday.
I actually didn't know the dress code.
But I was told that my boss mentioned something
like a coat, not with a tie, but over denims.
Men. And their fashion. Lol.

Being the only lady lawyer in the firm, I got confused on what to wear.
Formal? Semi-formal? Corporate? Casual?
One thing's for sure though-- I must move freely in it because
I know I'll be moving a lot on that day.

I had this dress for almost three years now,
but this is the second time that I wore it.
Thank God, it still fits me. Lol.

When I bought this, I found it too plain, save for its asymmetrical hemline.
So I spiced it up by sewing on some beads.

It's supposed to run all the way down on the ruched part below
the line of buttons. However, laziness got in the way. Sigh.

I will make a mental note on this to have it done before the year ends. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Weirdest Shoes

Day 15:
(yeah, I know. Delayed again.)

I had a great session with my MALA friends tonight.
We were kidding a friend of her bisyo [bad habit as per google translate]-- 
(Don't ask what they said was my bisyo bec i don't agree. Lol.)

I am a shoe-lover. I spend more on a pair of shoes than a piece of clothing.
When I was looking at my shoes, I noticed that I have a predictable pattern.
I am most certainly attracted to shoes with "shining, shimmering, splendid" embellishments.

Anyway, while I'm thinking of shoes, I was suddenly curious on the weirdest shoes in the world.
I was surprised at the results I got. Oh the wonders of Google!

Here they are:
I call these "The Creation by Genesis" shoes
"Goodluck sa Kubal" shoes. Lol
"Goodluck sa Tetanus" shoes
"Kumusta naman ang til-as" shoes
The Tarantula
Origami shoes.
This has got to be the original CROCS. lol.
The Manny Pacquaio shoes
The Ibong Adarna shoes
The "Lurch-of-The-Addams-Family" shoes
This, for me, is way beyond weird.

Which one do you find the weirdest?


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OUTFIT: Royal Blue

Day 14:

Do you know where was this taken?

Click HERE.

OUTFIT: Prancing on Paisley

Day 13:
(I know, I'm a day late again. Work.)

I'm happy to be wearing this skirt again, comfortably.
This was sitting in my closet for quite sometime.
I won't elaborate for fear of self-incrimination. Lol.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Share the Love

Day 12:

Want to be a part of an exclusive online shopping community?

Well, AVA is the perfect place for you.
What is AVA?

AVA is the Philippines' first invitation-only shopping community.
They offer the fabulous fashion pieces at discounted members-only
prices up to 70% off!

Do you know what else is in store?
Every AVA invite comes with Php 200 automatically credited to your account
once you register. 

What are you waiting for?
Register HERE.

On-going sale:

Upcoming sale:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Office Inspirations

Day 11:

Today, the US commemorates the 9/11 terrorists' attack ten (10) years ago.
I think I was on my 2nd year of college then.
Wow, that long already?

Anyway, going back to my post, yes, office inspirations.
Sometime last week, I was browsing through pics over the net
on office spaces. Since our office is being renovated, I guess it's high time
for me to actually make my cubicle more conducive for working. Haha.
Not that I didn't get to work productively for almost 2 years now.

Since I joined the firm in 2009, I never made conscious efforts to decorate my cubicle.
I bought a few office supplies here and there, mostly on installment basis.
By installment, I mean, whenever I see something cute at National
Bookstore, I'll buy it without really thinking of what to do with it or
where to place it. There was no design directions, so to say.

Okay, so here's what caught my fancy:

I particularly love the stripes message board on the leftmost part of the cubicle.
I'm planning to to something like that to my existing cork board.
I intended to do just that today,  but somehow I sort of lost my 'inspiration'. Grrr...
The rod and rings make a perfect pair for hanging important docs.
It can double as a way to exhibit artworks.
I just love the color combination of this one.
The cork board project will have to be done tomorrow or within the week.
My 'inspiration' has not yet returned.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Xmas Gift this Year

Day 10:

When I saw this ad on FB, I immediately contacted my friends in SG.

Why oh why can't we have something like this here?

My other-half (aside from Jerome. haha), best friend (for life),
and sisterette, went all the way to Tai Senk Link, patiently lined up
and got me these Lady Gaga-ish booties:

I love you to death Des. Can you feel my happiness spilling over there? Lol.

P.S. (to Des) How can I make your Christmas this year extra special?

diy: garterized shoulder details

Day 9
{Ok, so i failed to keep up with my 30-day challenge.
had an exhausting day, cleaning up and
re-arranging stuffs in our newly-renovated office.
I'm only human. Lol. Justifications.}

Anyway, I will make it up by making 2 posts tonight.

First up, another DIY. Actually, it's not a DIY in every sense of the word.
I have clothes that I find too plain, not flattering, and simply boring.

What I do?

Edit. Modify. Enhance. 
(Haha. This sounds like Adobe Photoshop.)

Re-work. Re-create. Alter.
(Sounds better.)

Remember the boyfriend-shirt that was 'donated' to me by my brother? No? Click HERE.
They are still too big for me. Especially on the shoulder part.
I can't alter it to the length that it should be for sheer lack of sewing skills,
However, I thought of another innovative way.
(insert light-bulb-moment here. haha)

{drumroll please...}

Ta-da! GARTER!

Pictures are the best way to illustrate. So here you go:

(1) Measure the shoulder length.
(2) However, do not use such measurement for the garter.
The garter must be a little shorter than your shoulder length.
Trust me, it will yield a better result.
(3) Pin one end of the garter just above the end of the collar line.
(4) Pin the other end of the garter a little over the edge of the
shoulder drop of the shirt. Again, trust me, you will like the results.

Then start sewing. You have to used the sewing machine.
Doing it by hand will take you 48 years. Lol. Stretch the garter as much as you can. 

Here's the finished product:

Last night, Color Me Badd and All-4-One had a concert at Waterfront Cebu.
It was raining very hard. I want to wear something that will keep me warm
and at the same time, comfortable.

So I decided to wear this "re-worked" boyfriend shirt.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Day!

Day 8:

Today is a happy day!!!!

It's Mother Mary's birthday of course.
Aside from that, I had a share of fairly good stuffs that made me smile a lot today.

 this came in the mail today! Yippeeee!!!

We attended the beautiful wedding of Lau and Anne.
Had the best and fun times with fellow Toastmasters.
Please pardon the scandalous pose. Lol.

I won in the Evaluation Speech Contest for our Area. Yeey!

And lastly,
who needs a medal when I have these two gorgeous girls?

Thanks ryn and diane for your support. I am truly a winner for having great friends like you.
(P.S. I know someone was also an eager beaver to witness my performance but I know that
that someone will torture me forever and ever. Hehe. Hi cil! Haha)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OUTFIT: Stripes & Gold

Day 7:

Remember the skirt that tweaked by changing the buttons? If not, click HERE.

I wore it to VECO TMC's Installation of Officers last week.
Their theme was STRIPES FEVER.

Just a very quick post. Deadlines. :((

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

sepa's great anniversary sale

Day 6:

I am a sucker for sales and bazaars. Throw in deal vouchers, too!
When it comes to clothes and accessories, my formula is:

For shoes and bags, quality prevails because for the life of me,
my shoes don't last long. Scratches can already be 
seen on the heel part after the 3rd or 4th use.
(I don't know why. Must be with the way I walk)

Anyway, when I saw on FB that SEPA is having its great anniversary sale,
I made no further delays.

I am so happy with my buys. And I am happier that I got to meet
the designer/owner of SEPA-- Diane. She's very warm and friendly.
Too bad I forgot to take a picture of her shop. 
It's accessories heaven there!!!

Thanks Diane.

SEPA is located at:
25 Visitacion St. Osmena Blvd.,
Cebu City

You check its multiply account HERE.

Monday, September 5, 2011

diy: Button change

Day 5:

Who would have thought that a simple change of buttons can do wonders to an old skirt?

The "magical" buttons:

I love sewing, whether it is on the sewing machine or by hand.
(How I wish I can sew clothes, as in from scratch. But that's
way beyond my powers. LOL)

I have a mini collection of glass beads. When I have the luxury
of time (which I rarely have since law school), I sew beads on some
of my clothes to spice it up a little. Now, I am doing buttons. Haha.

So, here's how it looks like:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

2nd Chance

Day 4:

The name says it all. Second  chance. Second life.
I'm talking about my bag.

2nd Chance is a leather repair and restoration store. They fix worn-out leather
shoes, bags, belts and what have you.

I had my MFG bag repaired because the leatherette were already peeled off and flaking.
The body of the bag is still in very good condition. So instead of throwing it away,
why not give it a 2nd Chance.

Here is it's damaged look:

And here's how it looks like now:

Though the repair cost a little more than the original price of the bag,
it was still worth it. They replaced the leatherette with brown micro leather.
So, I am not complaining.

The owners are really super accommodating and friendly.
They really take time to explain what needs to be done,
how the repair should go.

The lovely owners. The lady is a Jackylou Blanco dead ringer, isn't she?

One bit of a downer was the length of time of the repair.
They promised it'll be finished within 21 days.
I had it repaired on June 25 but I only got it last week.
However, the owners asked for an apology saying
that they were short of manpower as one worker,
left them rather unexpectedly. 

There are other repair shops to choose from. One is Mantaring. I went there to have
an estimate of the repair cost of another bag. The repair is only on the bag handle and
they are charging it for Php 3,500! That's too much for the handle only which
measures around 19". No way. So I went to Mr. Quickie. And they charged me
per length of leather used- Php 350/20". Fair enough. However, their workmanship
is only limited to sewing the stuff together. They can't do the piping.
But I went with it anyway. I had the handle repaired. Imagine, Php 3,500 vs. Php 350?
And now, I'm a happy customer with two of my bags repaired! Yipee!

2nd Chance
F. Ramos St. cor. Villanueva St,
Cebu City
Opens Mon-Sat 10am-7pm

spread the word on...

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