Monday, August 13, 2012

OUTFIT: Pregnant, Purple and Proud

I have not posted any outfit post for months now. I am no fashion blogger, but sometimes I just want to dress up and feel good. That all changed with my pregnancy. My first trimester was not good at all. I was throwing up every day night (my so-called morning sickness happened at night). Things got better during my second trimester, but then my tummy was getting bigger every week. Dressing up every morning took quite longer because I had to try on many clothes and see which one still fits me. 

I don't want to buy maternity clothes. What will I do with it after I give birth? So I just bought regular clothes that are stretchable or garterized around the waist. This purple and gray maxi dress is one of those. It's very comfortable and also very versatile. It can pass as a semi-formal wear by accessorizing it with pearls. Or it can be worn casual like what I did here. The accessories sometimes do the trick. 


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