Monday, April 4, 2011


My husband and I were getting tired of dining in the usual restaurants (i.e. those that are conveniently located inside the mall). So, we are in search for restos that have a unique or quaint ambience. The risks of not being satisfied with the food or getting hold-up by the prices or being discontented with the service are natural consequences of this food-tripping (rather, resto-searching).

First stop-- ABASERIA. (Actually, we've discovered other restos before this, but I wasn't into blogging then and I was not able to take much pictures. But I vowed to myself that I will visit each of them again, for blog purposes.)

Once-full-now-empty dining area (we were the last ones to go)
Wide array of native products to choose from (Yep, they are selling these stuffs)

On the other side of that wall is a little function room cum bazaar of colorful native accessories.
Exclusive dining area with native accessories on the side for sale

Native wooden products also for sale

We were right away impressed with the cozy feel of the place. But we were more impressed with the service. The attendant (whom I believe was the owner) was kind enough to inform us that they have half-orders, since some of their servings are good for 3-4 persons.

The food? Ah, yes. I have to make a disclaimer at this point. I am not a very good food critic, since I don't eat as much vegetables as what a healthy person should eat and I don't enjoy as much eating seafoods. For a very picky person like me, the food as beyond great. Here's what we had:

Monggo with gata (half-order)

Crispy roasted pork (half-order)

Chicken curry (with pineapple something2x-- sorry I forgot the name,
but believe me, it added a more tangy taste to the curry)

The 'look' of satisfied customers :-)
Suggestion: Make a reservation, lest you'll end up table-less.

My rating: Outstanding (4/5)

Next visit: Soon!!! And I'll make sure to shop for some accessories.


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