Monday, March 18, 2013

Mommy Diaries: Joaquim's 4th

On his 4th month, he was given his 2nd dosage of vaccinations, the names of which I could barely pronounce (or even remember). It's a many-in-one type of vaccine. What I do know is that its price is sky-high causing dents on our pockets. I am almost tempted to ask his pedia if all those are necessary. I don't think I had that many vaccinations when I was a baby and I turn out just fine (or so I think. Haha.). But anything for our baby love.

Aside from it's unbelievable price, what I don't like when our Joaquim has his vaccinations is the fever that comes after. During his first dosage (at 2 months), he was crying endlessly and was having a difficult time sleeping. It was difficult for us too seeing our little boy in a state of confused pain and there is nothing we could do about it. This time though, he was feeling better. The crying was still there and the confused state but, he was able to sleep! Have I told you how (continually) amazed I am with this boy's sleeping skills?? If sleeping is a characteristic that can be passed on through genetics, for sure, Joaquim got his from his Dad. Haha. 

I have read that babies tend to change their sleeping patterns and body clock every now and then. Lucky for us, until now, we have not experienced that sort of change as Joaquim has surprisingly maintained a regular sleeping pattern. 

Our baby is getting big already and heavy at that. He now laughs especially when his Dad tickles him. And he has this habit of shouting or shrieking when his Dad and I are eating dinner, as if to catch our attention. Boy, can he shout so loud! So shrilly, so me. Haha.  


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