Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Three's A Crowd

Not in it's figurative sense.

I am talking about the three pairs of shoes I got recently.
I had to relocate some shoes for these pairs to fit into my small and crowded shoe rack. 

Lolo (thrifted)

My second thrifted shoes. When I saw this on the rack, I instantly fell in love with the cut-out detail and the color. It's hard to resist things in blue. Hehe. Everything about this pair is cute save for the comfort. My gawd, these aren't the most comfortable shoes ever. As they say, regrets almost always come in late. 

How to combat feet sores and prevent corns & calluses? The secret my friends is just your ordinary petroleum jelly! But please do not use the same petroleum jelly for your lips ha. Go get a separate bottle for your feet. Apply a thin layer of the jelly on the area of the shoes where it hurts the most. Then you can now walk on happier feet!

Charles & Keith
By the looks of this pair, first impression comes to mind: killer shoes! But, as in a very big BUT, this booties are surprisingly comfortable. Yes, believe it or not, I don't lose my balance with these. I can even jump, skip, bounce, and do a little walkathon. I won't dare run with these though, not for fear of falling flat on my face, but for breaking the heels. Lol.

Shoenet (Hongkong)
I am not a fan of flats, for two reasons: first, I stumble more when I'm in flats than in heels. Weird, huh? Second, I don't think I look good in it (I won't elaborate to avoid incriminating my self). But this pair may just be the exception. It is quite comfortable. And I love that I have it in black, very versatile--can be paired with almost anything. This is perfect for running on errands or simply giving your tired feet a needed rest.


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