Wednesday, February 16, 2011

His galaxy, My galaxy

My husband is no expert in pulling off surprises (succesfully). Whenever he attempts to pull off one, an argument or misunderstanding usually precedes it.

The first time happened in april 2010. I was mad at him for taking a different schedule in oceanjet for our trip to bohol. He chose the time which was close to the time that I was supposed to deliver my speech during the Toastmasters district convention. I feared that he might not make it on time and true enough, he missed my speech. So i did not talk to him that night. I really wanted him to be there, more than anything else. When we were about to call it a night, i told him how disappointed and mad i was. I must have been nagging too much that he handed over to me a box. Inside it was the engagement ring. And he explained that the reason why he was not able to make it to my speech was that the ring was still shipped from the manila branch of the jewelry store on that very same day.

The second time was during our first valentines as husband and wife. We initially agreed to give each other gifts that we wanted. I have been drooling over a particular bag i saw at rustan's while he has been bugging me to buy him crocs. I dont know what hit me, but i told him that we'll not push through with it because 'sayang ang money'. Plus, we dont really need those things at the moment. I told him we need to save for more important things. He told me that i am really a wife already (although i know he meant that i was starting to sound like my mother). So we just spent some quality time together at Harold's on the 13th since i have a hearing at Danao on the 14th.

I was expecting to receive a card from him since that has been our tradition every valentines. But to my surprise, i received none. I was hoping maybe when i get home from my hearing. I had rough day that day since my hearing lasted the whole day. I waited for a ride back to the city for over 30mins. I was really, really tired and hungry. I reached SM at past 6pm already. I wanted him to meet me at SM so that we can go home together. I waited for his reply but there was none. I called him but he was not picking up my calls. Then he later asked me to meet him at his office and that was when i lost my patience due to exhaustion and hunger. I hailed a cab and went home instead.

To my surprise, he was already in the house. I did not speak to him. When i went back inside our room, there was something in our bed wrapped in bondpapers. I purposely did not open it because i was mad at him. I took the gift and set it aside and took a quick nap. When he went inside the room, he was smiling. He thought that i opened it already. When he saw the gift unopened, his facial expression changed. Before he can say something, i told him how i felt. I told him i was not amused with him and that i was also a bit disappointed for almost letting valentines day end without giving me a card. U honestly thought that he was giving me a book since it looked and felt like a book. And he knows that I am not a book-lover.

I sensed that he was a bit sad when I did not open his gift. Out of guilt, I opened it when he stepped out of the room. And there it was, the Galaxy. I called him and asked him why he is giving me this. I told him that I was worried because he must not touch his savings as that would be used when he opens up his own firm this May. He told me that he has been wanting to give me that from the time I lost my Blackberry.

Despite the foiled surprise, I do appreciate my husband's efforts. I told him in consolation that may be next time, he can pull it off perfectly.

To my clovey, again thank you very much for the gift. I will treasure and take good care of it.

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Psyche said... Best Blogger Tips

waaahhh!!! nindota sa imong valentine's gift nadawat, chu. :) hats off to jerome! ayaw nag pangisgi si jerome, chu.

angelchu24 said... Best Blogger Tips

hehe.. lagi psych. na ulaw kos ako gift kay na wani sa galaxy. hehehe :) pang valentines og bday na daw to. basin apil pa christmas og anniv. haha.

Susan said... Best Blogger Tips

Tsk, tsk... I pity Jerome... Haha, joke! :D

angelchu24 said... Best Blogger Tips

@t.susan: jerome has to learn from the dynamic minds team the skills on how to pull off a surprise perfectly. hehehe

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