Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OUTFIT: Sheer Black

Day 16:

(Crazy workweek + Lazy me = Super delayed posts)

Last week, I barely had time to breathe.

Meetings. Office blessing. MALA Sessions.
TM duties. Wife Duties.
Need I elaborate?

We just had our newly-renovated office blessed last Saturday.
I actually didn't know the dress code.
But I was told that my boss mentioned something
like a coat, not with a tie, but over denims.
Men. And their fashion. Lol.

Being the only lady lawyer in the firm, I got confused on what to wear.
Formal? Semi-formal? Corporate? Casual?
One thing's for sure though-- I must move freely in it because
I know I'll be moving a lot on that day.

I had this dress for almost three years now,
but this is the second time that I wore it.
Thank God, it still fits me. Lol.

When I bought this, I found it too plain, save for its asymmetrical hemline.
So I spiced it up by sewing on some beads.

It's supposed to run all the way down on the ruched part below
the line of buttons. However, laziness got in the way. Sigh.

I will make a mental note on this to have it done before the year ends. 


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