Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Girl's Bestfriend(s)

Diamonds are girls' best friend.
But PEARLS and DIAMONDS are their ultimate BFFs.
Don't you agree?

My mother received an exclusive invitation from Citibank to Metro Jewelry's Pearls and Diamonds collection. While we don't often agree on some other things, my mama and I surely nod our heads together when it comes to jewelry. We freed our schedule on November 24, 2011 to attend this exclusive preview.

There was a mini fashion show where the models donned some of the exquisite pieces from the collection.

Also at this event, the face of Metro Jewelry was revealed in the person of Cebu's very own Murrielle Adrienne Orais, Ms. Philippines Water 2011.

The highlight of the event was the mini talk of renowned celebrity stylist Liz Uy, where she also entertained questions from the crowd on fashion and jewelry.

The style icon-- Liz Uy.

For me and mama, the highlight of the event was this...

South Sea Pearl in champagne.

Metro Jewelry's Pearls and Diamonds Fair runs from Nov. 27 to Dec. 18 in all Metro Cebu stores. So girls, what are you waiting for, you still have THREE days more to go. Don't forget to bring your Citibank card to avail of their great lay-away plans.


My Kingdom of Pretty said... Best Blogger Tips

I thought Liz Uy is really skinny...ok ra diay hehe!

Chuchu said... Best Blogger Tips

@My Kingdom of Pretty

She is in person lex. mas kovmatch pa tingai oks. haha.

Patricia Iacob said... Best Blogger Tips

Great photos. Here on I have a present for you a Hermes Bracelet Collier de Chien.

being miss east said... Best Blogger Tips

i went to this event, too! sayang! nangita mig ka cheka ni lex ato :()

happy new year! ^^


Chuchu said... Best Blogger Tips

@being miss east

Hi V!

Thanks for taking time to swing by my blog. Hope to see you in person. Gamay ra ang cebu! Hehe. =) Happy New Year!

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