Saturday, September 10, 2011

diy: garterized shoulder details

Day 9
{Ok, so i failed to keep up with my 30-day challenge.
had an exhausting day, cleaning up and
re-arranging stuffs in our newly-renovated office.
I'm only human. Lol. Justifications.}

Anyway, I will make it up by making 2 posts tonight.

First up, another DIY. Actually, it's not a DIY in every sense of the word.
I have clothes that I find too plain, not flattering, and simply boring.

What I do?

Edit. Modify. Enhance. 
(Haha. This sounds like Adobe Photoshop.)

Re-work. Re-create. Alter.
(Sounds better.)

Remember the boyfriend-shirt that was 'donated' to me by my brother? No? Click HERE.
They are still too big for me. Especially on the shoulder part.
I can't alter it to the length that it should be for sheer lack of sewing skills,
However, I thought of another innovative way.
(insert light-bulb-moment here. haha)

{drumroll please...}

Ta-da! GARTER!

Pictures are the best way to illustrate. So here you go:

(1) Measure the shoulder length.
(2) However, do not use such measurement for the garter.
The garter must be a little shorter than your shoulder length.
Trust me, it will yield a better result.
(3) Pin one end of the garter just above the end of the collar line.
(4) Pin the other end of the garter a little over the edge of the
shoulder drop of the shirt. Again, trust me, you will like the results.

Then start sewing. You have to used the sewing machine.
Doing it by hand will take you 48 years. Lol. Stretch the garter as much as you can. 

Here's the finished product:

Last night, Color Me Badd and All-4-One had a concert at Waterfront Cebu.
It was raining very hard. I want to wear something that will keep me warm
and at the same time, comfortable.

So I decided to wear this "re-worked" boyfriend shirt.


Alexa Lelis said... Best Blogger Tips

I like! I will definitely try this. Btw, i'll steal the pics hehe!

Chuchu said... Best Blogger Tips

@Alexa Lelis

let me see your finish product nya day. T.H.E. lang kaau sah? sewing2x kuntahay. lol.

MacVB said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! Where did you learn how to sew? I've been wanting to make or alter my own clothes for quite awhile now :)

Chuchu said... Best Blogger Tips


Hi Mac! :) I only know the basics, way way back during my home economics class in elementary. Haha. It helps though that we have a sewing machine in the house. :)

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