Sunday, July 1, 2012

SM Mega Shoes & Bags Sale

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for sales and that shoes are one of my weaknesses. It doesn't help that I have a very supportive husband in so far as shopping is concerned. My energy level though has relatively changed due to my pregnancy. To make the shopping spree even more challenging, we had to get all items paid before 12 noon to avail of the additional 10% off exclusive to SM Advantage or BDO Rewards card holders. Shortly after 12noon, I'm a happy owner of these items:

The husband complained why I was able to get 5 pairs of footwear (plus a bag) and still paid a total of less than all the 3 pairs that he got. Haha.

When you've got a growing collection of shoes, storage becomes the imminent problem. Thank God for Japanese Home Centers! They have all sorts of things that you don't normally find in other stores at very cheap prices. The newly-opened Japanese Home Center at Parkmall is starting to become one of my favorite stores.

I don't know what this is called because the label is written in Japanese. So I had to rely on the picture in figuring how this thing works. It's shaped like soles which are in opposite direction (pic 1). The lever in between is adjustable to different heights (pics 2 & 3). Place one sole in your shoe (pic 4) and put your other shoe in place on the other sole (pic 5). The pack (which is sold at Php 88) contains 3 pairs. You can then arrange the shoes in the rack (pic 6). It saves a LOT of space! What was normally occupied by a pair of shoe is now being occupied by 3 pairs. However, this only works best for closed shoes. I hope they will come up with something for sandals and other open-toe footwear.


Psyche said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations on your purchases, Chu! :) As for me, I'm hiding in my lungga during the weekend so I won't be tempted to break my budget. :D

Chuchu said... Best Blogger Tips


This happens once a year I think, so one-time heartbreak ra sa wallet. hehe :) But I was more amazed and happy sa ako napalit sa Japanese Home Center psych. It's totally an OC's haven. Mao ra gud na ako tuyo-on og adto sa Parkmall. Hehe :)

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