Thursday, August 18, 2011

OUTFIT: Silk & Turquoise

The top I'm wearing was another impulse & accidental buy. Impulse-- I didn't
think twice on buying it because I never had a decent silk top. Accidental-- because
I was supposedly looking for a regatta/sailor-inspired outfit but I wasn't lucky. So I
got this instead. Haha. Justifications, I know! Please forgive me, I'm just a girl.

But the real clincher that sent this top over the cashier counter was the
unbelievable price slash down considering that the top is a Banana Republic
(yep, I got it on SALE!!!!) 

To add a splash of color to my neutral office ensemble, I wore this
turquoise, violet & gold bib necklace.

Gotta sleep now. Have to take an hour bus ride early tomorrow
for a hearing in a nearby municipality. Nite-ty!

Top: TOPS || Skirt: hand-me-downs from aunt ||
Bib Necklace: Ria Alazas


--Sanam-- said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey chuchu, that necklace is amazing :D

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog yesterday by the way too. It's great to have that kind of feedback on my posts, so helpful :D


chuchu said... Best Blogger Tips


Hi sanam! thanks for dropping by :)

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