Monday, October 17, 2011

OUTFIT: No Other Woman

Have you seen the movie already? If not, then you should. Trust me, it's worth every penny. I don't normally watch Tagalog films in the movie house (don't be too quick to judge). With the jacked-up price of the cinemas nowadays, I carefully select the films that I should watch on its showing date from the films that can be shown either on HBO or Cinemax. If it doesn't fall on either category, well there's always the Internet for downloads or streaming.

Going back to No Other Woman, when we got to the movie house, I was surprised to see people lining up. The movie is really a hit! Because of the volume of people, we were seated to the farthest end of the row. I had to pass by several moviegoers before landing on my seat. Unfortunately for them, I wore my sky-high booties and I did feel a couple of toes being stepped on. Pasensya na, wa tuyua. ;-p Got distracted with Anne Curtis' opening salvo in a skimpy swimwear. Haha.

I know a lot have seen this trailer, but I'm just going to share it anyway:


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