Sunday, September 11, 2011

Office Inspirations

Day 11:

Today, the US commemorates the 9/11 terrorists' attack ten (10) years ago.
I think I was on my 2nd year of college then.
Wow, that long already?

Anyway, going back to my post, yes, office inspirations.
Sometime last week, I was browsing through pics over the net
on office spaces. Since our office is being renovated, I guess it's high time
for me to actually make my cubicle more conducive for working. Haha.
Not that I didn't get to work productively for almost 2 years now.

Since I joined the firm in 2009, I never made conscious efforts to decorate my cubicle.
I bought a few office supplies here and there, mostly on installment basis.
By installment, I mean, whenever I see something cute at National
Bookstore, I'll buy it without really thinking of what to do with it or
where to place it. There was no design directions, so to say.

Okay, so here's what caught my fancy:

I particularly love the stripes message board on the leftmost part of the cubicle.
I'm planning to to something like that to my existing cork board.
I intended to do just that today,  but somehow I sort of lost my 'inspiration'. Grrr...
The rod and rings make a perfect pair for hanging important docs.
It can double as a way to exhibit artworks.
I just love the color combination of this one.
The cork board project will have to be done tomorrow or within the week.
My 'inspiration' has not yet returned.


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