Friday, September 2, 2011

OUTFIT: Babydoll

Day 3 of my 30-day challenge:

My mother would always tell me to dress appropriately for my age (I'm nearing the 30th mark)
and now, for my profession (I'm a liar, este a lawyer, though people find it hard to believe that because
of my petite frame). Well anyway, much as I dress accordingly to courtroom standards, there are days
that I want to dress playfully and add to that, youthfully. Nyahaha.

During the 4-day long weekend, we just stayed at home since our car was admitted to the 
car hospital (cute term ey? lol), save for the last day where we decided to avail of our
SM Cinema complimentary tickets. On how we got those? Let's just say our "combined"
legal and arguing skills got into play.

It's raining cats and dogs today here in Cebu.
Otherwise, our jogging plans will be put off
(again) to another day. Bad weather. Haha.

How's the weather in your place?


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